Lane Management Consultants specialises and focuses on Transaction Advisory, Organisational Structuring, Capital Optimisation, Risk Management and Financial Planning and Analysis projects and programmes. We also cover a number of distinct specialisms where our consultants have relevant specific experience these include:
Capital Management, Structuring & Support
Portfolio and
Underwriting Optimisation
MGA & Lloyd's of London New
Agency Applications
MI, Financial Planning & Analysis Advisory
Financial Post Merger
Risk, Run-Off and Recovery Management

Our consultants have true international insurance market experience having worked in the US, Bermuda, Africa and Europe and are happy to locate anywhere that is required to serve our clients. As a small consultancy we have the ability to be dynamic in terms of location and to be truly global in terms of outlook. This means we are able to provide excellent advice to our clients on a wide variety of topics.

At Lane Management Consultants we don't see issues in isolation. We take a holistic approach. We look at clients concerns and problems and look at getting the right solution. Because our consultants work in partnership with clients, we are not restricted to service line thinking. This frees the mind to think laterally and provides our business partners with the most intuitive advice available.

We proudly admit that we do not offer "off-the-shelf" solutions, nor do we seek to use our partners as guinea pigs for new methodologies. We believe in working with our clients in a true partnership. We know our industry often uses the phrase trusted business adviser but we believe passionately in that concept. We know what we as a company do well and we believe in focusing on our areas of expertise and delivering a consistent quality work product for our clients. We don't talk in terms of 'brand' but in terms of 'reputation' and that is how we like to do business. Every engagement enhancing our reputation and helping us to build our business. As such we have a small number of service offering which are listed above. We believe that in any one of these categories we can immediately add value to a third party business.

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